Top 6 Gold Utilities revised

Top 5 Gold Utilities

Posted on March 27, 2018

Gold isn’t just that sparkly metal that everyone loves. Apart from being a precious metal that is renowned for being a sign of wealth, it has many unique properties. These include being extremely malleable, not tarnishing, conducts electricity, alloys with other metals and is used in wires.


Gold is an extremely efficient conductor that is able to carry tiny electrical charges. Because of this, a small amount of gold can be found in almost all electronic devices.

Dentistry & Medicine

The best fillings, crowns, bridges and orthodontic appliances are made of gold because the metal is chemically inert, easy to insert and is non-allergenic.


In the aerospace industry gold is used to conduct electricity, lubricate mechanical parts and coat the insides of space vehicles so that those inside are protected from infrared radiation and heat. 


As the most highly esteemed precious metal, it is only natural for gold to be awarded to the winner of sporting events like the Olympics, for it to feature in royal crowns, awards and religious statues. 

Finances & investments

As gold is so rare and highly valued, the precious metal has been used as a natural currency for over 6,000 years and it wasn’t that long ago that it backed the US dollar. A popular way to hold or invest in gold is to buy gold coins, gold bars and gold bullion. It must be noted that increasingly people are turning to buying gold online.

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Gold is a good asset to involve yourself in and learn about as it is widely regarded as a safe haven asset that the market floods to whenever there is a downturn. Being experienced in the gold market will equip you for such experiences so that you can take advantage.

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