Mobile Banks are breaking down barriers

Posted on March 12, 2018

When was the last time you went a day without using your mobile? Guessing quite some time! Chances are you’re probably reading this article on your phone right now. Some may argue that dependency on mobile phones are reducing human interaction. But maybe you are sat in the back of an Uber chatting to your family on the other side of the world and you’re buying stock in Facebook via Mashreq Neo at the same time! 

Your smartphone helps to keep you up to date with what’s what in the world; it keeps you organised, it tracks your fitness, it has the history of everything that's ever happened in the world, think about that for a second...

‘Generation now’

‘Generation now’ seek instant gratification and demand connectivity on the go. So, why should banking be any different? 

Mobile banking is changing the way people think about finances. If you have the option to view your savings, credit card, stock portfolio and current account whenever, wherever you want, then you can’t help but gain greater control over your money.

Are Millennials bad savers?

Millennials are sometimes labelled as not being very good savers but that’s not actually true according to this Merrill Edge report. Young adults of today are becoming better savers than earlier generations! This could be because of the complexity surrounding investing and saving is being simplified by modern banks. Mashreq Neo is one such bank breaking down barriers so that modern banking can be available to anyone. Your bank should make it easier for you to live, travel, work and play.

Salary Accounts then

Since the dawn of time Salary Accounts have come with no minimum balance and free ATM withdrawals, this is now universally expected as a standard. With the current wave of new mobile banks now widely available in the UAE, the new standard has become in-app lifestyle benefits and discounts. But what makes Mashreq Neo stand out as the best salary account in the UAE is its one-stop-shop approach that caters towards modern demands like investing in stocks and trading in gold or forex. Mashreq Neo breaks down barriers and makes investing and trading accessible to everyone.

Salary Accounts now

You no longer have to transfer money from your bank to other platforms or accounts in order to trade in different markets. Instead you have a truly one-stop-shop for all your financial needs. Pay cheque just hit your account? Great, you can invest it directly into a company from your watch list with just a few taps without ever having to leave your app! By having a Salary Account it means your money is always there ready to take advantage of the next opportunity on the stock market or swing in the forex or gold markets.

It’s what makes Mashreq Neo the Best Salary Account in the UAE


So what else does a Mashreq Neo Salary Account have?

● No minimum balance requirements

● Free Debit Card delivered within 24 hours

● Free foreign currency account

● Free gold currency account

● Free first Cheque book

● Travel, dining and lifestyle benefits


And what else...

1% cashback on your salary*

AED 300 cashback joining bonus

Free international remittance

AED 300 cashback for maintaining an average balance of 10k monthly

*Terms & Conditions

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