Cashback on Salary Transfer

Get 1% of your Salary as Cashback When You Transfer your Salary to Mashreq Neo

Posted on March 31, 2019

It is designed to accommodate all lifestyles, and for those of us who are busy and need to be set up and ready to go, and make payment and investments all on the move and with one tap. The features aren’t the only thing Mashreq Neo offers, though, as there is a ton of substantial benefits also up for grabs.

Using Mashreq Neo as the salary account can yield enormous benefits. There are two current accounts that can help manage your daily needs: Smart Account and Basic Account. Both accounts include a free debit card and cheque book, among other benefits. The welcome bonus of the Basic Account is AED 100, whilst the Smart Account is AED 300. Both accounts are instant to set up. 

1% Salary Cashback


Our salary cashback reward is a particular favorite. It is as simple as opening a Mashreq Neo bank account in UAE, transferring your salary into a salary account, and receiving 1% cashback on that first salary transfer. Up to AED 1000 can be claimed…. It will be the first salary transfer that it applies to, and only requires three consecutive months’ of salary to be credited to the account - but you don’t have to wait three months for the cashback will be awarded to you! A net salary of over AED 5,000 is necessary and the salary cashback will be credited within 45 days from the date of the first salary transfer.

Other Effortless Benefits


The benefits of Mashreq Neo mobile banking doesn’t end with a 1% salary cash back, though. Using our referral program, AED 100 can be claimed when a successfully referred customer opens and funds their account with AED 1000. This referral program only caps your rewards when you receive the cap of a generous AED 2,000 - which is the equivalent to 20 of your friends and family… Easy! It is as simple as entering your mobile number, proving your friend's details and collecting the reward.


Finally, when you spend AED 500 on the Neo Debit Card within a month, then you will be awarded AED 25. Another AED 25 is also awarded upon the first funding of the account of AED 1,000. The rewards for these benefits double under the Smart Account, which offers AED 50 upon the first funding of AED 3,000, and AED 50 when you spend AED 1,000 on your Neo Debit Card inside a month.


Whether you are looking for speedy payments on the move, safe savings for your future or a platform to trade currencies and stocks - Mashreq Neo offers has it all. Downloading the free Mashreq Neo app and setting up a salary account in one click will give you access to these fantastic benefits, and essentially, free and effortless money rewards as a thank you for choosing us. Download the Mashreq Neo app for Android and iOS.

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