Mashreq Neo Welcome Bonus

10 Ways to Spend Your AED 300 Welcome Bonus

Posted on March 11, 2019

Upon opening your Mashreq Neo Smart Account, you will be awarded a welcome bonus of up to AED 300. Dubai has some incredible opportunities for days out; here are 10 ways you can spend your AED 300 welcome bonus!


Jumble is an urban maze that will test you physically and mentally. For those who are competitive, Jumble offers unique challenges and with not much given away on the website - you will be walking into the unknown. Many activities are team-based such as the profession session, with many large-scale obstacles to physically overcome.


Currently offering 25% discount and priced at 225 AED for a four-hour pass, this is a great way to escape the sun for a few hours and revel in friendly competition with your friends.


Another way to spend the bonus when benefiting from Mashreq Neo’s internet banking is to enjoy a day out at bounce. Bounce is an indoor trampoline arena with locations in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Bounce offers a similar physical challenge to Jumble, though it is less competitive in nature. There are group courses, team building programs, and training to choose from.

Desert Tour

If an adventurous day out exploring the desert seems more appealing, desert tours will always be a popular choice. Companies such as the Desert Safari offer morning or evening tours, and with the choice of traveling on a quad bike, camel or dune buggy.

Cycling Al Qudra

Cycling Al Qudra is another great way to spend your digital banking welcome bonus. With purpose built cycle paths and several tracks to choose from, you can opt for different length rides ranging from 16k to 70k. This is a chance to try out a state-of-the-art bike and explore Dubai.

Horse Riding Lessons

If you have always wondered what horse riding would be like, there are plenty of lessons on offer in Dubai that could be within budget. Dubai has many stables and lessons usually come in packages of 10. If you have experience, then there is always the opportunity to combine the horse riding with a safari tour.

Spa Day

If relaxing and luxury is your thing, then opting for a spa day is the perfect day out. Luckily, Dubai isn’t short of skyscraper hotels and luxury resorts. Rose Rayhaan by Rotana is one example of a highly reviewed spa day, costing AED 249 but comes with gym access, massage, jacuzzi and a rooftop pool on one of Dubai’s tallest hotel.

Manicure & Pedicure

Similarly, spending the afternoon getting a pedicure from the highly respected salons in Dubai would leave you with some change left over from bonus received from Mashreq Neo’s bank account opening in UAE. Whether opting for one of the many nail salons or a slightly more unique experience, such as SOH’s Japanese-inspired arty salon with traditional Japanese treatments.

Cooking class at Jones the Grocer

A gourmet grocer with Australian cuisine, Jones the Grocer offers everything imaginable, from a grocery and catering to cafes and cooking classes. Priced at AED 295, there are two adult masterclasses to choose from. One will teach two advanced dishes, and the other is centered around baking; both are two hours long.


Wild Wadi Water Park

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, Wild Wadi Water Park offers an incredible day out with a large selection of water rides. There is a discount when booking online, with general admission AED 283.5, a great price for a whole day out packed with around 30 child-friendly water rides and attractions.

Stand-up paddleboarding around the Burj Al Arab

Kite N’ Surf offers a great opportunity to learn how to stand-up paddleboard whilst touring possibly the most famous hotel in the world, 7-star Burj Al Arab. The tour is around 90 minutes and is a chance to view the advanced and breath-taking architecture, and doesn’t require previous experience with stand-up paddle boarding.


E-banking has never been more beneficial and once you open a bank account in Dubai with Mashreq Neo, you will be awarded AED 300. This bonus is a great opportunity to do something different, with tons of unique attractions that Dubai has to offer.


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