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Posted by Mashreq Bank  |   March 27, 2018
Other than Jewellery, what is gold used for? Let's take a look at 5 more utilities of this precious metal. Monitoring them can give you an insight into who's buying gold and what the affect may be on the gold rate.

Posted by Mashreq Bank  |   March 21, 2018
Dubai is synonymous with the sale of gold. If you’ve ever been to The Gold Souk in Deira you will see this. Gold in the UAE is a thriving market and this is in part because of jewellery. Did you know the UAE is one of the better places in the world to purchase the precious material, as when you buy gold in Dubai,

Posted by Mashreq Bank  |   March 15, 2018
Is a dollar saved a dollar earned? Why coming off the gold standard moved the peg for saving and how Mashreq Neo can help you save in today's world.

Posted by Mashreq Bank  |   March 08, 2018
Dubai isn't called the 'City of Gold' for no reason. There's hundreds of places you can buy gold from, even vending machines! But there are a few pitfalls to avoid. Let's take a look.